Chadha & Nichols.  Experiential unity without a self.  The Case of Synchronic Synthesis.

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Responsibility without Unified Agency
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Martha Nussbaum.
Marya Schechtman.
Monima Chadha

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Thomas Metzinger.
Why I Am Not a Buddhist (open access:
We are delighted to announce the next in our series of Brains Blog Roundtables. The topic of this discussion is Buddhism in Philosophy of Mind!
Please join Dan Burnston and our very exciting panel, Monima Chadha (Monash), Owen Flanagan (Duke), and Evan Thompson (UBC) for a fantastic discussion about how classical traditions in Buddhist philosophy can inform our current philosophy of mind and psychology!
How to Do Things with Emotions
The Bodhisattva’s Brain
The Art of Happiness.
Selfless Minds
Jerry Fodor, The Modularity of Mind.
Mind in Life
What’s in a Concept?  In Coseru (Ed.) Reasons and Empty Persons: Essays in Honor of Mark Siderits
Waking, Dreaming, Being
Evan Thompson
Tim Bayne.

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Please see below for links to material cited in the video. Previous roundtables can be viewed at
Owen Flanagan
The Geography of Morals
Joelle Proust.
Myisha Cherry.
David Shoemaker.

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