Alison Botterill can be happy that the book on the suffragettes was at least in a somewhat relevant section (Letters, 16 September). A former colleague once told me how he had given up looking for a book on physics with the title Schrödinger’s Kittens, when he found it, quite by chance, in the “Pets” section.
James Fanning
Greifswald, Germany
Ah, come on now – your page three photo accompanying the article on the “shrinking Dutch” (Report, 17 September) showing our 5ft 3in president, Michael D Higgins, standing beside the tall Dutch king, Willem-Alexander, is a bit unfair. Michael D, as he is known in Ireland, is a giant of a man, both politically and culturally.
Kieran Gallagher
Dublin, Ireland Have an opinion on anything you’ve read in the Guardian today? Please email us your letter and it will be considered for publication.
Last week we enjoyed the privilege of a very reasonably priced mini-break at a luxury hotel. On arrival we discovered that hot food in the morning was no longer available as a result of staff shortages. Given the likely cause, there was some irony in the fact that the alternative provided was called “continental breakfast”.
Nigel Morris
West Ashby, Lincolnshire
What is all the hoo-ha about scum on the top of tea (Letters, 16 September)? Just rename it “crema”.
Gwyneth Haylock
Marchwiel, Wrexham

Surely Mr Walker (Letters, 17 September) replied to his English teacher (of all people): “No – this is such stuff as essays are made on.”
Brian Clayden
Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex

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