Appearance of Lord Balarama
River Yamuna Personified Prays to Lord Balarama

Bala or spiritual strength is essential for attaining self-realization and Lord Balarama is the giver of spiritual strength. He is the gravitational force that sustains the planets in their universal positions. The one who bestows spiritual power He is the original spiritual master (Guru).

Krishna ordered His yogamaya potency to transfer Balarama who is actually shesha the multi-hooded serpent on whom Vishnu rests, from the womb of Devaki to Rohini’s womb. Rohini was also one of Vasudeva’s queens but was living in the home of Nanda Maharaja in Gokula out of fear of Kamsa’s atrocities.
It was thus that Balarama was born as the son of Rohini.
Lord Krishna stated that due to being forcibly attracted to the womb of Rohini, He would be known as Sankarshana. He would be the source of all spiritual strength, bala that enables one to attain the highest bliss called ramana. Therefore the plenary portion Ananta (or Shesha) would be known as Sankarshana or Balarama.

Appearance of Lord Balarama

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