What’s wrong with dying?
Perfect Recipe for Sustaining the Patriarchy, Compliments of God
I’ve never been a very active blogger here, but I’m a very grateful one. And so, inspired by Prof Manners’ wonderful post In Praise of Ceremonial Gratitude, I’m going to demonstrate my gratitude by sharing a few of my favourite posts. All of these have made me think, some have made me smile, and others – which is the greatest compliment of all – have changed my mind. More than anything, the whole blog has changed my mind about an academic field which I left 15 years ago feeling pretty despondent. I’m busy doing other things now, but I’m so happy the field I still love is in better hands.
Cochlear Implants, Viral Videos, and Sexism
Thoughts from an assault survivor in philosophy
How to discuss Searle, etc.
The Ethics of Public Shaming
As we announced April 23, Feminist Philosophers is shutting down. This is one of a series of posts by FP bloggers looking back on the blog and bidding it farewell.
‘Call out culture’: the case of ableist language
Social construction and gender identity

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