Announcing the “Neurorights in Chile: The Philosophical Debate” about the Chilean Senate’s Constitutional Reform Bill (Bulletin 13.827-19) and the Neuroprotection Bill of Law (Bulletin 13.828-19) that introduce five key “neurorights”: The Right to Personal Identity, The Right to Free-Will, The Right to Mental Privacy, The Right to Equal Access to Mental Augmentation and The Right to Protection from Algorithmic Bias. The workshop will be held online on March 17-19, 2021. More information below.

SPEAKERS (Last First)

  • Aldunate Eduardo
  • Colombara Ciro
  • Fins Joseph
  • Gallant Jack
  • Genser Jared
  • Girardi Guido
  • Goering Sara
  • Haselager Pim
  • Ienca Marcello
  • Jofré Alejandro
  • Jotterand Fabrice
  • Kellmeyer Philipp
  • Lavazza Andrea
  • Maldonado Pedro
  • McCay Allan
  • Melo-Martin Inmaculada
  • Salles Arleen
  • Silva Eduardo
  • Valera Luca
  • Wajnerman Abel
  • Wexler Anna
  • Yuste Rafael


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