We are delighted to inform the philosophy community of a newly founded international society:The International Society for the Sciences of the Mind is a hub for connecting researchers around the globe in all areas of the philosophy of mind and related sciences, including but not limited to philosophy of psychology, philosophy of cognitive science, and philosophy of neuroscience.www.ispsmind.comGualtiero Piccinini, President
Ines Hipolito, Vice-President
International Society for the Philosophy of the Sciences of the Mind
(ISPSM)ISPSM aims to host online events, such as an annual ISPSM International Conference and a Seminar Series where the international research community can meet and constructively discuss topics and challenges within the philosophy of the sciences of the mind.Joining ISPSM is free for now. For more information, subscribing to our mailing list, and joining ISPSM, please visit our website.More details will be announced soon.

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