A mini map guide to Lisbon, Portugal

I get regularly asked by friends and friends of friends for recommendations of my favourite places in Lisbon, Portugal – and there are plenty of blog posts to read, believe me.

But I get it, a mini map guide does the job very often, so in this series, you will find my personal addresses from each location.

And to start the series well, here is my mini map guide to Lisbon, Portugal. I was born and bred there and visit often – and my issue is that I like going back to the same places. Yes, I do try the odd new place – but I will never give up my old favourites (and I hope this is OK with you – there are plenty of Top 10 lists and guides about the city).

My Gin Mare was Spanish and delicious, but the view was 100% Portuguese. Cheers.

I created a few sections to make it easy:

  • Where to sleep – my list of hotel recommendations in town
  • Where to have lunch – includes some Lisbon addresses, but also some outside Lisbon (namely Cascais/Guincho area)
  • Where to have dinner – I focused on Lisbon and again only places I go to regularly
  • Where to drink – I cannot tell you about the latest clubs anymore. Why? Because I am a little bit older and my idea of bliss is having a drink at the hotel bar (all the choices on my list have fab hotel bars) and friends and family are always happy to join us there. And then we can go straight to bed.
  • Where to eat breakfast – one of the most unique aspects of Lisbon are its patisseries. Every corner has one and over time, we all have our personal favourites.
  • Where to shop – I could of course tell you to go to Louis Vuitton on Avenida da Liberdade (which has come a long way over the past decade and it really has great designer shops), but I chose some multi-brand shops which are unique to Portugal (and Spain, duh) and brands that you don’t find everywhere (or are significantly better value in the Iberia Peninsula than elsewhere).

I know I am biased (and I am not even pretending not to be), but there is nothing like a good Portuguese breakfast. And fab views.

If you would like a direct link to the map, just click here. In order to navigate, simply click on the door icon on the blue bar (above the map), just before it says ‘Mrs. O’s…’. You can also click on the full screen button to open it in an easier to read format. You may need to be signed in to your Google account to be able to see the map below.

For an enjoyable weekend in Lisbon, I also suggest 2 other experiences – one is a food tour with Celia Pedroso of Culinary Backstreets (I have been on the half day tour a few times and I recommend you do it early on your trip as Celia will give you LOTS of ideas of where to go). The other is a photoshoot with Flytographer – Lisbon is where I had my very first experience in 2013 and one of its most popular destinations, believe it or not.

I love these. Photo by Flytographer.

Let me know your thoughts when you next visit Lisbon.


Mrs. O