Top 5 Luxury Apres-Ski clothes you must take on your ski holiday

You have all the ski and snowboarding gear – the jacket, the trousers, the boots, the helmet, goggles, sun glasses and the rest. But what do you wear when you are actually not skiing?

I have been upgrading my apres-ski wardrobe recently – where comfort comes first and of course, making sure I keep warm.

Here are my Top 5 Luxury Apres-Ski clothes you must take on your ski holiday: (well, I am!)

Sorel Caribou Boots

Get it from Amazon for £96.


Sorel boots are a classic and they actually look great. The Caribou range is their most upmarket one, where the boots are actually in leather and they have a faux shearling inner boot lining for warmth, comfort and protection in cold and wet winter weather. You can get this version in various colours for women and also men. Also, I have done some shopping around the prices vary dramatically from £160… down to £96 at Amazon. I just had mine delivered and couldn’t quite believe it.

You can also look at the Sorel Winter Carnival/ Pac range, which are similar but the boots are not in leather – see here for womens, mens and kids.

Falke socks

Get it from Falke from £25.


I mentioned apres-ski items, but I had to mention these actual ski socks – which are outstanding. Falke is our go to brand for all types of socks and you really get what you pay for. Click here to browse all ski socks (for men, women and kids) and their lovely cashmere sock range (perfect for apres-ski, of course). And also check out their base layers too (available for all the family).

Uniqlo Heattech range

Get it from Uniqlo from £10


Uniqlo has been a recent discovery for me – they have the best jegging trousers in the world, which fit wonderfully, look like trousers and have pockets. But I am borderline obsessed with their Heattech clothing range, which has a variety of tops, leggings and other items for women, men and kids. They are perfect for lounging around your chalet, at home when it is cold and also I found them a godsend for working out during the Winter. Vogue seems to agree to as they said, and I quote “The collection is a firm Vogue favourite, thanks to innovative technology that retains heat in winter months despite coming in the softest, thinnest of layers to allow for extra stretch and mobility.”

A gorgeous cashmere jumper

Get it from John Lewis for £199


I love cashmere and I believe one cannot have enough! I also loved this top as it is ‘airy’ and loose – and you know what happens when you are up in the mountains. This one is perfect for lounging around and you can pair them with the Uniqlo denim jeggings or heat tech jeggings.

A warm cashmere beanie

Get it from John Lewis for £45


I personally don’t love wearing hats (because hat hair), but you will freeze without one. I also find them quite boring.. until I found this one. Has a bit of sparkle, is 100% cashmere and ties in very nicely with the rest of your perfect ‘apres-ski outfit)

And a bonus item: the perfect chalet slippers

Get it from Amazon for £62.50


Don’t fancy regular shoes at your chalet? Or are you looking for a pair of slippers that do not look like your grandmothers’? The Minnetonka range is great – super comfy, warm and they look like real moccasins. You are welcome!

What do you think about these items? And what would you recommend in terms of apres-ski clothing? Also, check out my Top 5 Sunscreens for Skiing.


Mrs. O