Top 5 Sunscreens for Skiing

Still using your Summer sunscreen when you go up the mountains for some skiing or snowboarding? May be it is not the best idea. High altitude conditions call for a different type of protection and quite a few of my favourite beauty brands have now developed mountain-specific sunscreen ranges.

When choosing your sunscreen for skiing (or snowboarding or just going up to the mountains for some peace and quiet) bear two things in mind: pick small sizes so they can easily fit in one of your outfit pockets and do not forget lip protection. Your lips will thank you.

Some products actually come with the combo, which makes them very handy. But others don’t, so here are options.

And one little last thing: get rid of last year’s cream. Here are my Top 5 Sunscreens for Skiing:

Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution SPF 50 Day Cream, 30ml

Costs £32.50 and you can buy it from John Lewis and Amazon.

A must have in your toiletry case for every day use and perfect for skiing.


Sun Sport by Lancaster Ski Wind & Cold Protection Cream & Stick SPF50 20ml

Costs £18 and you can buy it from Amazon.

Very difficult to find in the UK (but Selfridges stocks it in season).


Sisley Sunleÿa Age Minimizing Global Suncare SPF 15, 50ml

Costs £142 and you can get it from John Lewis

Probably the most expensive sunscreen in the world, but it is pretty special. Just careful when using it later in the season as it only offers SPF 15.


Bioderma Photoderm Ski Cream + Stick SPF 50+

Costs £11 and you can get it from Amazon.

Although this brand is now available in the UK, the ski range isn’t. Amazon comes to the rescue but I would also think you’d be able to find it at a Pharmacy in France ?


Piz Buin Mountain Sun/Lip Protector with SPF 50

Costs £8.50 and you can get it from Boots or Amazon

The most basic of options and the brand you are most likely to find on the slopes (for 3x the price) if you don’t buy it before you leave. You can get this product with SPF 50, 30 or 15. And it does smell wonderful.


And for the lips, if you don’t buy a combo solution, here is my favourite:

Clarins Sun Control Stick UVB/UVA30 8ml

Costs £17.50 and you can buy it from Boots, Amazon or John Lewis.


Do you have any favourite ski beauty products you have tried and loved? Let me know!


Mrs. O