My favourite travel moments with Flytographer

One of the best travel concepts I have discovered is, without a doubt, Flytographer. If you are a regular reader of my blog (or indeed follow some of my adventures via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram), you will notice that sometimes, I will have photographs from a trip that are clearly better than others. Why? Because we booked a session with Flytographer in such location.

Flytographer provides timed photoshoots in 150+ locations around the world – they started in 2013, and my love affair with them did too – and in Lisbon, Portugal, of all places.

flytographer vacation photographer lisbon portugal mrs o around the world

Our first shoot in Lisbon, Portugal

I usually travel with my husband, and there are so many trips we have been on and the only photo we have of both of us together was a blurred shot taken by some random person in the street. I am sure it has happened to everyone – and since we started using Flytographer, this worry is now a thing of the past.

Flytographer vacation shoot Paris Mrs O Around the World

It is not just about having couples photos – with all due respect to my beloved husband, there is no way he could take a photo of me like this, right?

At last count, I think we have used Flytographer over 15 times since 2013 – and in incredible locations around the world. The company is growing at a steady pace with locations added every month depending on demand and requests, of course.

More and more, we have been trying Flytographer with friends. Taken in Palm Springs, California

More and more, we have been trying Flytographer with friends. Taken in Palm Springs, California

Booking a session is easy – you get on the Flytographer website, pick a location and then select your photographer, depending purely on your preference. I like to see what different styles each one has, although more often than not, I just simply ask Flytographer to book whoever they think is best. I think their recruitment is excellent and the 15 photographers were totally ‘on brand’. Obviously, there were some shoots which were truly special – but the models could have been more inspired, right? I honestly have no complaints.

Flytographer vacation photographer Mumbai India Mrs O Around the World

Up and early to avoid the crowds in Mumbai, India.

If you are booking a shoot with less than 2 weeks notice, Flytographer advises you to check availability before booking and paying – some locations get extremely busy, so you must do that. Once you book, your Shoot Concierge will get in touch with you and organise the shoot itself – I find this stage of the process very neat and handy. Phone numbers are exchanged, meeting time and location are fixed. And it all works!

Flytographer Shoot Scoop

The ‘Shoot Scoop’, which you will receive by email before every shoot.

I still get a bit nervous before each shoot – and I like talking to the photographer and define the style. Some people want direction, others not so much – I personally like a bit of both. They are professionals and know what works, and you can see examples of really fun shoots in Istanbul or Los Angeles.

Flytographer Cape Town Mrs O Around the World

With Ashley and Carolyn (from The Lazy Travelers) and my sister Renata in Cape Town.

The obvious advantage of having a shoot with friends (30 minutes costs $250 – £160-€220, 1 hour costs $350-£225-€305) is the fact that you can split the cost – and you can ask for some group shots, individual and pairs. A great example recently was on a trip to Cape Town, where we wanted to get some individual photos, but in this case, Ashley and Carolyn wanted some of just the two of them, and my sister and I did too. We got what we asked for without a doubt.

Flytographer Vacation Shoot Prague Mrs O Around the World

One of our favourite shoots: Prague.

You can define your route and decide where you want to meet – or you can also pick from a pre-defined route. After thousands of shoots, the Flytographer teams around the world know what works if say, you have 30 minutes in Paris or Rome. In all honesty, I used to pick my locations but in the last year, I decided not to. Why? Because I have been getting the best surprises ever.

Flytographer Abu Dhabi UAE Mrs O Around the world

We had some ‘hot’ shoots – Abu Dhabi in the UAE at 46c.

In Istanbul for example, we asked the photographer pick the area and route and we discovered the area around Galata Tower which we hadn’t visited before or were planning to. In Prague, we met at our hotel and hit half of the city’s touristic spots all the way to the Castle and we did not have to go over the weekend, when it was full of people.

Discovering Istanbul with our Flytographer.

Discovering Istanbul with our Flytographer.

Once you have done the shoot, you will receive your photographs within 5 days. And now, as a little teaser, you even get a postcard halfway through – just to get you even more excited.

flytographer postcard santa monica

Your post-shoot postcard.

And then you get *the email*. The number of photos you get, depends on the package you select. Expect 15 photos if you book 30 minutes, and 30 photos when you book a one hour session. I think the ratio is extremely generous and works a treat.

You will get your photos in low resolution and also in high resolution – so you can print them.

flytographer photos by email

The most awaited part of the process. There are from our recent photoshoot in Brooklyn, NYC (another location Flytographer chose for us, which we loved)

So 2 years and 15 photo shoots later, I have to say Flytographer is indeed one of the best concepts I have discovered – and really really add to my travel experience in each place that I visit. I also found that Flytographer sessions make for wonderful gifts to friends (what do you give to the person who has it all?) – I recently purchased a session for a friend who was celebrating her engagement in Venice. She loved it!

Flytographer Vacation Shoot Venice

Because as they say, memories are your best souvenirs. And this has to be one of our favourite photos ever. In Venice, Italy

So on your next trip, do give Flytographer a go. I love it and could not recommend it enough.


Mrs. O